How Twitter unites SA people through charity #TwitterBlanketDrive


How Mila and Nifty Artworks got involved…

Like most people with modern cellular phones I discover Twitter trough my children. It started of with “keeping an eye” on the kids activities insuring they would be save and represent them selfs in the right manner. It is then that I discovered how addictive posting your own ideas and oppinions is on such a instant grand scale!!

For the last 7 years I’ve developed a rather intresting selection of interactions with people all over the world.  In doing so I happened to findout about the Twitter Blanket Drive through a RT (retweet) from a Cape Town follower, she nicknamed herself as the Cape Flat Princess (@JustVee1710). I just loved her funny humorous tweet and kind spirit and felt an instant connection with her over time. Very soon after I saw a small video uploaded by Andre Misrole (@AndreMisrole) inviting everyone to bring blankets and attend the #TBD. We where now oficially intrested in being part of this charity! Without hesitation we sent Andre a DM (direct message) asking about how we can get involved with this #TBD2016. Within a matter of one morning we where linked up through Twitter with #TBD National co-ordinator Merentia van der Vent (@Merentia).

@JustVee1710 Right @AndreMisrole Centre


In a space of a day’s corresponding it was concluded that Mila and Nifty Artworks would bring our face artwork to the Fire & Ice Hotel Cape Town, this was on the final day of collection where we would paint all those that donated for free. This was an exciting time for us as a company. We have been wanting to join a charity for a while now,  and this is where the idea of also “giving back to those that give” was born.

What stunned and amazed me as a company owner is the instant connection one could make in just one day through real people tweeting. The saying “seek and you shall find” runs true here. As a result of this instant connection, we have met up with a team of dedicated, dynamic, soulful group of people and their companies causing a chain of linking people up during 2016. ( more information, personal media links and credits on everyone we have met, the roles some played on #TBD can be found at the end of this blog)

The #TBD2016 event was spectacular! on arrival a red carpet was rolled out, photographer Larry English (@larryenglish10) was taking pictures of everyone who posed with already #TBD made signs. TV personalities from SA the @ExpessoShow @KatlegoMaboe, Leigh-Anne Williams (@LeighAnne_Will) was the event hosts. Miss Teen SA 2016 and Miss JNR SA 2016 Cara-Leigh Whelan also attended and showed how our youth have been positivly active in collecting blankets.

What made this event more exciting was beeing able to eventualy meet all these Twitter people and have photo’s taken with celebrities in an relaxed enviroment. Everyone at the venue where taking photo’s with their smart phones and tweeted their uploads with the #TBD2016. On this night #TBD2016 was SA Top Trending hastag on Twitter !!!

What is the Twitter Blanket Drive all about?

@TBDSouthAfrica Or can be searched under these #TwitterBlanketDriveCapeTown #TwitterBlanketDrivePretoria #TwitterBlanketDriveJohannesburg #TBD2016 #TBD2017

The power of hashtaging (#) has connected hundreds of people and companies to this charity for the last 8 years!! No matter who you are, a staying at home mom, TV cellebrity or a runner for a beauty pageant, it does not matter. Your involvement to collect new or very good second hand blankets is the aim over a year period.  The collection of these blankets gets distributed to many people living on our streets.

Winter in South Africa especially in Cape Town can be very cold with south easterly winds reaching gail force speeds of up to 80km\h. Can you imagine how cold it would be if you have no home or lived in a makeshift home under a bridge? This is where #TBD strive to make the difference. One example of how the #TBD could instanly assist was with 2017 Houtbay fires. Massive fires destroyed many homes leaving almost 15 000 people in need of some warm blankets in emergency shelters. #TBD was able to distribute hundreds of blankets.


UPCOMING EVENT: 25 May 2017 6-10pm

Venue: Fire & Ice Hotel, Cape Town

RSVP on the link below Free Entry & Kid Friendly

How to get involved and be part of this charity:

This is so easy to dedicate your time to! All you have to do is start collecting blankets amoung friends and family, visit your childrens school and start collaborating with the board members. Start small is the key. Even if you just drop off 1 blanket on the final day. Every donation no matter the quantity is for a great cause.

Many businesses see this as an opertunity to bring more people to their establishments with various days set aside for just getting together and bringing  your blankets as entrance. Groot Constantia Winery for example have 3 drop off stations where on receiving your blanket you get to have some free wine tasting, and in Cape Town the wine city of the world, this is an amazing concept to bring more awareness!  Another example of an resturant in Cape Town Waterfront called Woodies also joined this amazing cause to be a collection point for people or clients. On the digital marketing side I personaly know of a few through Twitter in adverting #TBD, Stephanie Young from @TresureStudio and Andre Beukes @Andre24web

Truth be told the list is rather long! I would incourage you to do a bit of research. It is as easy as using a # on any social media platform whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Find out who in your neighborhood is invovled.

Joining the #TBD is #DignityDrive2017FB_IMG_1494481117935

Ngesi Dignity Drive is all about the collection of sanitry pads for girls. Considering a survey that has been done it has found that many girls are sometimes absent from schools due to not having access to these items. The same idea of collecting and delivering collections would be held at the same venues. so should you be rather interested in this good cause as oposed to blanket collection. Feel free to join!

Mila and Nifty Artworks Involvement with #TBD2016 and #TBD2017

We would be attending the #TBD2017 on 25 May from 6 – 10pm at Fire & Ice Hotel, our motto is to be there for those that give. We would love to paint you for free after you have donated your blanket\s. We will be stationed inside the event with our paints and glitter ready to design your unique face art. Giving you the chance to hashtag and post FB_IMG_1494480973776your selfie on your social media assisting in bring awarenes of this fun charity drive. Who know what cellebrity you might find on the, I am positive all of them would love to pose with you for a photo moment!

This is our support in saying THANK YOU for your time, efforts and kind hearts. Giving back to YOU our comunity of charitable hearts is the least we can contribute!

We would like to thank the Twitter people that we had the chance to meet with #TBD2016.  Connecting and sharing our experience with you on that day was an honour not to mention a privilidge!

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Credits To:

Event Host:

PH Fire and Ice Hotel Cape Town Marriot Twitter @Fire&IceHotelCapeTown

National Co-Ordinator #TBD :

Merentia van der Vent e-mail: Twitter @Merentia

Twitter People we connected with on for #TBD2016-2017

@JustVee1710 @AndreMisrole @FionaJaun @Peter_O_Herring @KatlegoMaboe @LeighAnne_Will @ZuriaDavis @Marilouboetzes @Madam_Joey @larryenglish10

@TresorStudio @Andre24Web

Instagram People we connected with for #TBD2016-2017

@#htctweetup @wafsickle @carlywhelan @robyn.rubes


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