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The Artist Team…

Professional Face & Body Paint

Cape Town, RSA.

Mila and Nifty

a Mother and daughter team started our career by chance.

Mila had the opportunity to further her career in arts January 2013 by joining Madam Zingara for 2 years on their South African tour. Painting themed designs to add extra excitement to their themed evenings. This tour visited Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for 3 months at a time. Painting thousands of adults in all arrays of colours and designs. Meeting many celebrities, SA musicians, actors like Coco and Mr T to only name a few!

During Mila’s Cape Town tour a lot of personal requests to attend private events was received and the idea of Mila and Nifty Artworks was born…

In early 2014 Nifty was put trough a regiment of intense training on styles and design. a 3 Month training period insured professional art and as a team created our own unique styles on different designs and techniques. Catering to many on request to attend their events, parties, corporate, festivals, public events and Individual body art ever since.



Individual Bookings

Looking to attend an event or function and don’t want to wear a paper or plastic face mask? or would you like to be a body painted for a character? or just surprise an expecting mom on her baby shower with having her baby belly painted?

COST: Standard Set Fee per design & call out

Birthday Parties

We have preset designs that can be incorporated at your birthday party to compliment each individual, no 2 designs would be the same. Should you have a theme in mind, prior correspondence is essential.

Total of guests & painter/s per hour:

  • 1-25/30 guests x 1 painter + call out fee
  • 25- 60 guests x 2 painters + call out fee
  • 60-150 guests x 2 painters for 2 hrs + call out fee
  • 150+ guests for full duration of event

Events, Festivals & Corporate Venues

We bring our Artwork Mobile Station and set up at your event, charging your guests our set fees per design choice.  Fees for Face or Body Art will ranges from small, medium & large.

  • Unlimited amount of guests x 2 painters, 2 x line representatives







Product & Package Information

For more pictures on our artwork visit our social media platforms and give us a like or follow.

Facebook Page: Mila and Nifty Artworks

Instagram: @mila_and_nifty_artworks


  • All Face Paints used is water based products that is manufactured with FDA approved ingredients. Making our finished product hypoallergenic.
  • All Glitter used are edible products that is manufactured with FDA approved ingredients.


  • All designs will be customised to each individual in order to get the best effects possible for you.
  •  Based on bone structure, hair colour, eye colour and even your outfit colours, this insures an individual unique style of design.
  • We can adopt our designs to meet your themes, should you wish to have one, please correspond with us in advance.
  • We pride ourselves specialising in high-end face paint art that is both sophisticated and fun for all ages and occasions.


  • Good lighting, preferably indoors
  • Chairs for our painter\s as well as additional chair\s per guest to be seated during being painted. ( we do provide our own portable custom table)
  • We do recommend the required area we would be located in to have some room, allowing guests to queue in line if needed.


  • With events of 50 guests or more it is more efficient to have two painters as this reduce the waiting time and also allows guests to enjoy your event proceedings to the fullest.
  • Each painter average between 3\5 minutes per person and this should be taken under account when planning single or multiple painters.
  • We do request to arrive a few minutes earlier to your booked event in order to prepare our set up.
  • Should you wish to have staff or close relatives ex: waiters, spokes person, to be painted before your event starts insure to correspond so before your booking is confirmed.
  • No photo’s will be taken of under age children for marketing purposes unless corresponded and approval of parents.


a) KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY (5yr-12yrs)

1-20 kids per event = 1 painter per hour

20-50 kids per event = 2 painters per hour

b) ADULTS PARTIES (12yrs and older)

1-25/30 adults per event = 1 painter per hour

25-50adults per event = 2 painters per hour


150-300 or more guests = 2\3 painters, including 1/2 representatives to assist with guests standing in line. This package would be for the entire duration of your event


  • An Invitation is required with all details concerning your event\festival proceedings
  • Correspondence via e-mail ONLY
  • Should we be available we will confirm via correspondence and public advertisement will be made provision for on all our social media sites


  • We at Mila & Nifty Artworks are passionate about giving back to our communities and has made provision for such requests
  • For consideration correspond via e-mail ONLY
  • Please note we do prefer registered NPO’s or NPC’s. Please insure this information to be added in correspondence for our consideration.